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Joy to FOOD! Your Holiday Food Guide

It's celebration season where we all spend time gathering with family and friends. That generally comes with a lot of food! Running out of time between work, shopping, and life to cook the Holiday meals for all the gatherings?

Well, Garner Eats has got your back this season. Here are some restaurants that are here for you with Holiday specials to support your gatherings and get togethers.


Snacks Provisions Co.

Need to bring a cheese board to your gathering? How about a beautifully created Holiday themed Charcuterie Board!?

Snacks Provisions Co. puts together a Christmas Tree board for your gatherings that is stunning and delicious. They also have $5 Poinsettia Drinks (Prosecco and Cranberry) and the Rueben as their Sandwich of the month. So, while you're running around getting ready, stop in for a refreshment before picking up your Christmas Board for your party!

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City BBQ

The Turkey and the Ham are the centerpieces to every Holiday meal. Don't fret if you aren't equipped or too anxious to to handle that sort of pressure! City BBQ can help you out!

This season, they offer whole smoked Turkey and whole smoked Ham. You can order them individually or as a complete meal with all the fixings.

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Nana's Lil Sweets

Cookies, Cakes, Croissants, OH MY! Nana can cover all of your baking needs this season. No need to stress over having the right amount of cookies or desserts for any party. You don't even need to worry about pastries for Christmas morning!

Nana can create Party trays filled with cookies or desserts for up to 24 people (various tray sizes available). We're talking about gourmet cookies, gooey bars, and eclairs. Need a show stopping cake? She also has seasonal cakes and cheesecakes that are a perfect fit for any Holiday event.

However, any parent knows that Christmas morning is often too busy living in the moment by watching your kiddo open presents. But doing that on an empty stomach, is no fun at all! Nana also has Christmas morning trays decked with pastries, biscuits, butters, and jams that will make the morning run so much smoother.

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Unforgettable Food Affairs

It's a really busy season and sometimes we just can't do it all. Unforgettable Food Affairs allows you to place orders with a 24 hour notice if you forgot a weeknight dinner, a dip for the Holiday office party, or that dessert for the church pageant.

Unexpected guests coming over the weekend? Try their Mexican Fiesta Package or even their Tailgate Package to pick 5 different items.

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Cheers to your Holiday season as you spend time with your loved ones!

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