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2023 MasterMind Lab Marketing Strategy, Planning & Storytelling

Our team of experts here at the Chamber, along with our skilled partners, are able to sit down for individual sessions with you and your team to develop individualized plans of action, tailored marketing strategies and workshop sessions for your company. As a Chamber member, you receive a 50% discount on any of these services offered.

Social Media Strategy - A 90-minute review of social media channels with a focus on developing a strategy moving forward.

Takeaway: Strategy sheet with plan of action

Price: $1,000  Member Price: $500


Developing Your Brand Story - A 2-hour deep dive of your company history and story, focused on generating a compelling and engaging customer pitch.

Takeaway: Brand story outline with plan of implementation

Price: $1,000  Member Price: $500


Marketing Plan Strategy - Four 1-hours sessions over 2-months to develop a full marketing plan strategy for your company.

Takeaway: Marketing Plan document

Price: $5,000  Member Price: $2,500


Vision Strategy Session - A 2-hour review of your company and goals to develop a vision of your company's future.

Takeaway: Vision Strategy statement and plan for implementation

Price: $2,000  Member Price: $1,000


Communication Plan Development - A 90-minute review of current communications and strategic development to reach more customers.

Takeaway: Communication Plan with goals for 30, 60 and 90 days

Price: $2,000  Member Price: $1,000


BRAINSTORM - A 90-minute sit-down with experts to address an issue or opportunity you are dealing with and brainstorm ideas and solutions.

Takeaway: Idea generation sheets & potential solutions

Price: $1,500  Member Price: $750


Business Strategy Facilitation - A 90-minute review of your business plan to develop a strategy for moving forward.

Takeaway: Strategy sheet with plan of action

Price: $2,500  Member Price: $1,250


Strategic Goal Development - A 1-hour sit-down and review of your company goals for a set period of time. Great for a start to the new year.

Takeaway: Goal sheet and strategy for reaching the goals

Price: $1,000  Member Price: $500


Strategic Workplan Development - A 2-hour deep dive into the focus areas for your company to work on over a set period of time (Requires prior completion of Strategic Goal Development session).

Takeaway: Strategic work-plan document with plan of action

Price: $2,000  Member Price: $1,000


SWOT Analysis Development - A 90-minute competitive identification and analysis of your current company and it's competitors.

Takeaway: SWOT Analysis sheet

Price: $1,500  Member Price: $750


FOCUS Session - A 90-minute session to help streamline and develop focus in your business or new ideas you have.

Takeaway: Document with narrowed focus areas

Price: $1,000  Member Price: $500


Event Planning Consultation - A 1-hour session to help develop a plan of action for your proposed or current event.

Takeaway: List of to-do items for your event

Price: $2,000  Member Price: $1,000


Elevator Pitch Development - A 1-hour session to develop your 15-20 second Elevator Pitch for meeting customers or attending events.

Takeaway: Full and focused elevator pitch

Price: $2,000  Member Price: $1,000


Speaking & Presentation Strategies - This session is designed to help you strategically deliver a presentation and sales pitch with ease.

Takeaway: Fully developed presentation and speaking strategy sheet

Price: $2,000  Member Price: $1,000


TEAM VIP 1/2 Day - Individual Contributor to High Potential Employee – An employer-funded program to help turn your current team members into higher-performing employees and train and prepare them for leadership roles in your organization. (up to 5 employees)

Takeaway: Gives promoted employees the tools to lead teams

Price: $5,000  Member Price: $3,500 (up to 5 employees)


Entrepreneur VIP ½ Day Employee to Entrepreneur Crash Course – Strategies to transition from an employee working for someone else into a successful Entrepreneur.

Takeaway: Leave with a plan of action and timeline for launching or growing your startup idea.

Price: $2000  Member Price: $1,000

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